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    Anyone interested in joining either our Cub Scout or Boy Scout program is encouraged to attend a meeting to see if STA64 is a good fit for you. Those ready to start an adventure with STA64 should fill out the application and talk to your Cub or Scoutmaster, who will explain the next steps, registrations and dues. 


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    What does a boy need to join Scouting?2020-01-30T20:40:10+00:00

    There are two important items a Scout needs to begin his journey. A Scout needs the Scout Handbook. A local Scout shop is the best place to buy a handbook, and the staff there can guide you to get exactly what you need. A Scout also needs a uniform. Uniforms are essential for creating a sense of belonging and unity. It is also where the Scout gets to display his awards and rank achievements. Uniforms can be ordered online or in person at the local Scout shop.

    What is a Patrol?2020-01-30T20:37:01+00:00

    A Scout patrol is a small team of normally six to eight Scouts where patrol members learn skills together, share responsibilities and take on leadership roles.

    Who runs the Troop?2020-07-25T22:26:41+00:00

    The elected Senior Patrol Leader runs the Troop. The meetings and activities are planned by the Patrol Leaders’ Council, which is made up of the Senior Patrol Leaders, the Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders, the Patrol Leaders ane the Troop Guide.

    How often does the Troop meet?2020-01-30T20:32:06+00:00

    STA Troop 64 meets every Sunday at 3 PM. Meetings usually last an hour and a half. In addition to meetings, the Troop goes hiking, camping and they work on service projects and community service.

    How much does it cost to be a Scout?2020-01-30T20:30:22+00:00

    Scouts pay the annual registration fee, dues and the Friends of Scouting fee. Starting in 2020, the Scouting year will start in August and end in July. The Cub Master or Scoutmaster can explain all the details about the units fees and exactly what it includes.

    At what age can boys join?2020-01-30T20:26:43+00:00

    Boy Scouts: Cub Scouting is for boys in the first through fifth grades, or 7 to 10 years of age. Boys who are older than 10, or who have completed the fifth grade, can no longer join Cub Scouting, but they may be eligible to join the Boy Scouting or Venturing program depending on their age and grade level.

    Boy Scouts: Youth can join a Scout troop who have earned the Arrow of Light rank and are at least 10 years old, or have completed the fifth grade and are at least 10, or who are 11, but not yet 18 years old.